I will shamefully admit that I’m not a very ‘strategic’ philanthropic person. I know I’m kind and caring, and I am deeply concerned about the ills that plague our world, like illiteracy, cancer, Aids, global warming, child mortality, natural disasters, etc. I am moved and affected by the struggles many face each day – lack of clean drinking water, no access to basic health care and poverty. In my heart and in my mind, I care, and I pray for the less fortunate but honestly, I have never deliberately done anything about it. I donated quite a bit to Hurricane Katrina, not only because I was moved but also because George Clooney organized a telethon and I got to speak to Jennifer Aniston. I donate every now and then to John Legend’s Show Me Campaign, because well, it’s John Legend, and also because his trip to Ghana was one of the reasons why he started that campaign. Sometimes I donate to St. Judes Children’s Hospital – the ads of the leukemia stricken children is just heartbreaking. I donate to Alicia Keys’ Keep a Child Alive because Aids is a cruel and terrible disease, and like cancer I sincerely hope we find a cure soon. This may all sound like a lot, but it really isn’t. I know I can do so much more.

The members of REACH Ghana are doing what most of us don’t do – moving from ‘thinking’ to actually ‘doing’ something. It’s very easy to sit and talk about what’s wrong with the world today, but it’s much, much harder to do something about it. That is where most of us falter – transforming thoughts into concrete actions. Which is why I am very impressed and very proud of the REACH Ghana group, particularly since they’re young people who have so much going for them in their own lives. They’re also proof that anyone, absolutely anyone, can make a difference in this world. And that means you too.

Watch the video below to find out what REACH Ghana is, what the group has done to date and how you can support them. They’re looking for YOU.

(Credit: Many thanks to REACH executives, Maame Sampah, Aida Manu, Jonathan Hutchful and Emmanuel Lamptey. Major kudos to Maame Sampah for the sound and video editing! All I did was film and serve Ghana bread and peanut butter)

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