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Jonathan Hutchful, Project Manager

I’ll keep my review brief because I am certain that I despise writing almost as much as I do reading. That said I have to admit that I was a little shocked when Boakyewaa asked me to read the first draft of Circles, knowing that the only books I know anything about are those that make it to Hollywood. Reluctantly I agreed to help a sister out, and in retrospect, I think it’s the best decision I made in the fourth quarter of 2008.

I believe several readers will feel the immediate draw to Circles that I did. Boakyewaa’s seamless way of capturing each moment, character, and environment to anal levels leaves the reader with a touristy feel; wondering if they had perhaps once visited a place or person described in the book. The characters are exciting and encompass a kaleidoscope of personalities that the reader can undoubtedly relate to, simply because we all have friends that carry a lot of baggage.

For the adult reader, Circles will bridge the cultural divide between our generations and sooth the naiveté that has grown ripe in their minds about their ‘holier than thou’, well behaved children – yeah right! For the younger reader, you will finally know with certainty, that you are not alone; the battle for love is hard and gruesome, but the fruits of love are truly sweet, so we fight on!








Teki Gyedu-Adomako, Customer Service Manager

Boakyewaa Glover is an intelligent fun loving woman. I met her in 1994 when we were both in high school and we hit it off. She was great then and she’s still the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Very thoughtful, insightful and passionate, she’s been writing as far back as I can remember and everything she writes is worth reading over and over again.

Circles, her latest novel gives readers a chance to delve into the life of a distraught character. Reading Circles gives you the impression of reading someone’s real life, a life that could easily be yours or mine. The novel is so brilliantly crafted that you are left with a strong sense of familiarity with the character. It is one of the most accomplished first novels I’ve read in years. Circles is fast paced; a book you cannot put down once you start it. It will leave you breathless, heartbroken, angry, happy, and eventually content. It is a definite must read!








Estella Anku-Kidd, Social Worker/Grad student

I have been fortunate to have read many of Boakyewaa Glover’s works, and two things that strike me is her ability to accurately depict the “modern Ghanaian” and effortlessly bring out the complexities in human emotion.  I can honestly say that I can relate to all of her characters because as a Ghanaian who holds her culture dear, yet has embraced the cultures of others, I realize the importance of staying true to yourself and those you love, and acknowledging ever changing emotions.

In her latest book, Circles, we meet Rabbie, a woman who is constantly battling her emotions and the daunting task of staying true to herself.   We see her falling in and out of love, discovering the world, and committing indiscretions that many of us have either committed or thought of committing ourselves.  This is an excellently written tale which makes you think “Did I do that?” and if you didn’t “What would I have done if faced with a similar situation?” Throughout the whole story I found myself wanting to read more, as I have done with all Boakyewaa Glover’s work.  Keep turning the pages to see what comes next…  I did!








Seton Nicholas, Artist/Poet/Photographer

I have known Boakyewaa Glover for close to a decade. In the early years, I managed to secure myself a position amongst the privileged few in her Primary School class who got to read and edit first drafts of some of her earliest work. It’s a position I was glad to discover I still held when I got her draft for Circles.

Circles chronicles the trials and tribulations of a girl settling into womanhood and searching for that ever so elusive phantom we call love and the mistakes she makes en-route that eventually open doors of self discovery and empowerment. It’s sentimental, frustrating, sweet, and painful but most off all it reminds us of the circles that we have ran around in, (or perhaps are still caught up in) in love quests of our own.

Leroy Ankrah

Leroy Ankrah

Ultimately, ‘Circles’ is a story about friendships, and also, to a good extent, love. There are circles of friends, members individually interacting with each other in the group, and also with different circles of friends, somehow all fitting together, whether by coincidence, or some twist of fate cooked up by the author. Boakyewaa Glover weaves an interesting, well-paced tale of the misadventures of Rabbie, as she explores and evaluates the relationships with people around her and how they have shaped her life. As each cycle revolves, some bonds are strengthened and others are broken. Rabbie’s story is unique, filled with several unexpected twists; some amusing, others sad and even scary. Yet, as Boakyewaa brings her characters to life, you get the sense that she has just described someone you know; perhaps even yourself – and by the end of the book, you’ll wonder whether just maybe you should start looking back at your own ‘circles.’

Angela Renkema

Circles! What an amazing book. I devoured it in a day!! From the beginning I was wrapped up in Rabbie’s many mistakes that she has made in love. She was so easy to relate to. While reading the book I was thinking “wow, that was the same position I was in a couple years ago, probably shouldn’t have done that!”  There were moments in the book where all you could do is laugh at Rabbie for her thoughts, and other moments I just wanted to cry with her because of the pain she felt.  After reading the book I felt like I was enlightened! I haven’t made all those mistakes, so the ones I haven’t, I hopefully can avoid in the future. Basically, Circles is about the cold hard truth of love and life, with a comical twist. It was a wonderful book, and yes I plan on reading it again! And on that note I leave you with one of my favourite quotes in the book, when yet again, love has failed another one of the characters in the book.

“Every single person has that one person who steals your heart and never really gives it back” – Circles.

Yvette Ansah
Circles is a great read, guaranteed to hook you in from the beginning.  The first chapters of the book were a fun walk down memory lane as someone who grew up in Accra in the early 90s. Rabbie is quite a complex character and she surprised me many times with some of the choices she made. That said, almost everyone can relate to some part of Rabbie’s recount of love, pain and friendship. Boakyewaa Glover has a very impressive writing style and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Circles!
Mammie Hutchful
Love has always been said to be one of the greatest gifts and yet one of the most confusing and challenging experiences many people have to deal with. Circles delves deep into the love life of Rabbie Daniels and exposes the many faces of love; the ugly and the beautiful. It tells of Rabbie’s quest for a fast and exciting love life which leaves her running away from Osei, the one who truly loves her and into the arms of cassanovas such as Ato, whose love lasts for only a season and is filled with constant heartache. Circles is a true reflection of the joys and pains of loving and whether you are the over-loving boyfriend or the un-loved girlfriend, it is easy to relate to the warped love life of Rabbie Daniels at one point in your own love journey.